About Blue Peter

Who is this Blue Peter, you’re probably asking. And why have they named a beautiful beach cottage on Lord Howe Island after him?

You’d be forgiven for thinking he was perhaps a roguish 18th century sea captain from the island’s days as a major whaling provisions port but in fact Blue Peter is not a “who” but a “what”.

Blue Peter is a maritime flag that signals, “All aboard, vessel is about to proceed sea”, so you can imagine it alerted many a jolly sailor enjoying R&R on Lord Howe that it was time to order one last rum for the road, so to speak.

Not only has Lord Howe seen its fair share of Blue Peters flapping in the breeze since the island was discovered by the English navy in 1788 but the First Lord of the Admiralty at the time, Richard Howe, First Earl Howe, (after whom the island is named) also led the way in codifying maritime signals – like our blue friend Peter – to improve safety and efficiency at sea.

We like to think that the Blue Peter cottage is signaling you to hop aboard one of the daily flights from Sydney and Brisbane and proceed over the Tasman Sea to Lord Howe Island for a holiday experience of a lifetime.

Lord Howe Island Blue Peter Papa Flag

The Blue Peter signal flag.

Admiral of the Fleet, Richard Howe,
painted by John Singleton Copley. 1794

Lord Howe Island is Stunning

The world heritage listed Lord Howe Island is yours to explore on your stay. Check out our image gallery for a preview of what awaits.


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